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List of International Manufacturers You Can Purchase Products From Directly Overseas

List of Name Brand Scuba Supplies & Equipment You Can Order Through The In-House Sales Offices At The Facilities Abroad

Benefits of Purchasing Direct From The Factory Overseas

Top Name Brand Scuba Gear & Equipment

We have several decades experience in the Scuba wholesale industry.  We've watched the Scuba industry explode in popularity throughout the developing world, and keep a record of new scuba facilities, schools, resorts & clubs that offer scuba diving services through the International Scuba Diving Associations that we belong to.  Most of the time, consumers & businesses in developing countries do not have the capital or resources to offer scuba diving lessons or recreational services as scuba equipment can be costly.  This can be attributed to the lack of banking regulations & shockingly high import taxes that governments impose.  As a result, scuba dive organizations in foreign countries have become very resourceful and efficient in buying accessories and equipment at rock bottom prices by going through contacts in their own back yard.

As the old saying goes:  It's not what you know, it's WHO you know!

For over 80 years, overseas in-house sales offices have been covered up by vendors and never mentioned to pro shop owners or consumers, and for good reason:  to protect their market and own welfare.  We felt that the time has come to let the cat out of the bag and reveal the zealously guarded secrets that only industry insiders have the courage to talk about.

Most of our industry knowledge we've acquired have come from individuals & businesses (worldwide) in all countries that just don't have the money to purchase their accessories and equipment at inflated market prices.  Thrifty cash-strapped consumers and businesses have learned to go to the source, where the product is made and buy DIRECT. 

Nearly all manufacturers in Asia, Africa, Europe & South America allow people to BUY DIRECT FROM THEIR FACILITIES, because they don't lose out.  In fact, the big name brand manufacturing plants overseas sell their product in bulk for LITTLE more than they paid to manufacture it through any independent consumer, business or distributor.  Many people do not know this... You can take advantage of this through their surplus programs.

In-House sales representatives are there to assist businesses and consumers worldwide obtain the products they like and are more than happy to sell their product at cost.  You, along with every retailer or vendor you've talked to probably have said that it's not possible to buy at the price the manufacturer pays to produce it.  The fact is, manufacturing plants have acres full of surplus merchandise that they can't export due to government limitations, and as a result, they look for ways to liquidate it.  They're always making new versions of existing products and absolutely cannot afford to have merchandise that is 8 months or older taking up space.  If they don't get rid of it, the products become obsolete.

As you probably already know, you never see the same EXACT models of scuba accessories & equipment in pro shops.  The trick is the surplus program which allows for anyone, regardless of where they live or who they're associated with, purchase scuba accessories at TRUE MANUFACTURER'S COST.   That's where you come in! Just give them a call and place your order. But, whatever you do, just don't ask them to pay for shipping costs!!! ; - )  They might not like that too much!

NO CATCHES:  There are no contracts, no obligations, no minimum order requirements, and no membership fees when buying direct.  Just give them a call and tell them what you want!

Regardless of which country you are from, what language you speak, you are entitled to purchase name brand products DIRECT FROM THE FACTORY.

Purchasing scuba accessories and equipment in North America is great, but the problem is companies based in the U.S. & Canada will not sell their product cheap.  In order to buy product at the best price, scuba diving consumers & businesses must go where labor is cheap.  If the offshore manufacturer can cut labor-costs in developing nations, they in turn can pass the savings onto you.

If you look at the biggest retail companies in the U.S., where do you think they import their inventory from?  That's right!  Asia, Africa, South America and a few countries throughout Europe.  Just look at the tag where it says "MADE IN".  Basically, any where cheap labor is an abundance, are the best places to purchase scuba accessories & equipment because the savings from the manufacturers are passed onto you, but only if you BUY DIRECT THROUGH THEM.

Four of our staff members fly to Asia every 6 months to meet with the sales representatives at the biggest manufacturing & distribution facilities to ensure that we have the backdoor industry contacts necessary for our customers, who purchase our ebook, to purchase name brand scuba gear at TRUE MANUFACTURER'S COST.

Sample Pricing When Buying Direct From The Factory Overseas




Scuba Mask: $.40 or less

Wet Suit: $9 or less

Spot Light: $3 or less

Fins: $5 or less

Tanks/Equipment: Up to 85% off market price

Pro Shops & Consumers can purchase high end wet suits in most cases for less than $9 by placing orders direct from the factory overseas.  Just contact the sales representatives listed in our ebook, use us a referral, and place your order.  We take great pride in making sure that there are NO purchase order restrictions.

A top name brand scuba mask can be purchased for .40 or less, wet suit $9 or less, spot light $3 or less and scuba equipment "tanks & related machines"... can be purchased for up to 85% off market price.


No Minimum Order Amounts - No Membership Fees - No

Special Qualifications - Order From Any Country

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